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    Smart motion sensor LED lamp

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    Smart motion sensor LED lamp

    Automatic LED light with IR sensor 

    This LED light is equipped with an IR sensor that automatically turns on when it detects motion. With 16 white LED bulbs and a brightness of 190lm, this light provides excellent lighting without having to turn it on manually.

    Save electricity starting today!

    This LED light can be mounted on the wall or simply attached using the integrated adhesive surface. You can also use it as a portable lamp and take it anywhere.

    Intelligent technology for more comfort!

    The light turns on and off automatically due to infrared motion detection. With a sensor range of up to 5 meters, it ensures that you always have perfect lighting without you having to do anything.

    360° rotatable - Adaptable to your needs!

    The lamp on the base can be rotated 360° and can therefore be adapted to your needs. This means you can always align the lighting perfectly.

    Rechargeable battery - simple and environmentally friendly!

    The LED light is equipped with a 450mAh battery that can be easily charged using the included USB cable. This means you no longer have to buy batteries and can be environmentally friendly at the same time.

    Flexible and stable!

    The magnetic base has a 3M sticker that ensures easy and stable attachment. This means you can always attach the light where you want and still have a firm and secure connection.

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