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    Smart humidifier with mobile phone charging function

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    Smart humidifier with mobile phone charging function

    The optimal scent for a feel-good experience in your home. 

    Transform your home into an oasis of well-being with an optimal olfactory background.

    No more headaches or lack of concentration.

    Transform your room into a pleasantly scented oasis where you can relax and feel good. Simply choose your personal favorite scent and let it spread throughout your room

    Give your skin the moisture it needs.

    You get dry skin from the dry heating air in your home. This is over from today! Our humidifier provides your skin with sufficient moisture. Do something good for your health starting today."

    Charge your smartphone elegantly and quickly!

    With the integrated charging function, you can now charge your smartphone particularly conveniently and stylishly. No more tangled cables and the hassle of connecting to the socket! Simply place your cell phone on the charging surface and the charging process will begin. The elegant design of the charging function fits seamlessly into any room and is a real eye-catcher. This means you always have a fully charged battery and are well prepared for the day.

    Simple application, very easy to use.


    To achieve the best olfactory experience, we recommend adding essential oils. The application is very easy.


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