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    Automatic make-up brush cleaner

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    Automatic make-up brush cleaner

    No more skin blemishes!

    Cleaning cosmetic brushes regularly is important to avoid skin blemishes, especially when used frequently. Our make-up brush cleaner cleans brushes in seconds and is particularly practical if you want to apply multiple eyeshadow colors, as it cleans and dries the brushes quickly.

    Can be used anywhere!

    without cables or plugs! the device is portable and can be easily used and taken anywhere .

    1 . Insert two AAA batteries.

    2 . Choose a suitable attachment for your cosmetic brush.

    3 . Fill the container with lukewarm water and add a few drops of a cosmetic cleanser.

    4 . Place the head of your cosmetic brush in the water.

    5 . Switch on the make-up brush cleaner and clean the brush for up to 20 seconds.

    6 . To dry, turn on the make-up brush cleaner again and dry the brush in the air.


    Our electric makeup brush cleaner is a groundbreaking way to clean brushes within 10 seconds without the use of chemicals. By using ultrasonic technology, the device removes makeup residue from the brushes, minimizing the spread of bacteria and preventing mold growth.


    ✔️ 100% elimination of bacteria through intensive cleaning
    ✔️ Reduces acne
    ✔️ Wash and dry in at least 30 seconds
    ✔️ 99% cleanliness result
    ✔️ Suitable for any brush size thanks to our variety of attachments



    Cleaning brushes has never been so easy and quick! Do you always find it difficult to clean your brushes or are you short on time? Then choose our product and in a short time you will have your brushes cleaner than ever!



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