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    Biodegradable grass seed mat

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    Biodegradable grass seed mat


    Each roll contains fertilizer and mulch for a complete grass growing solution. Our system stays green, even under demanding conditions such as dense shade or scorching sun.


    Our specialized grass roll stays stuck to the ground after being rolled out and watered. Each seed is surrounded by our micro-pellet fertilizer and held between biodegradable tissue layers. The fertilizer promotes rapid germination and uniform growth. Thanks to the fabric, the seeds are not washed away, making our product cheaper, simpler and lighter than traditional lawns.

    Bring life to your garden

    Liven up your garden or backyard and allow your family and friends to enjoy it by making it easy to grow your own grass with our biodegradable grass seed mat. The product is made of a biodegradable material that prevents the seeds from being washed away, allowing them to be perfectly placed and grow optimally.

    Everything you need in one roll

    Seeds and fertilizer are included in every roll of our easy-to-use grass mat to provide a comprehensive growing solution. Therefore, you do not need any additional expenses for seeds, fertilizers or planting tools.

    The size


    Transform your garden into a green oasis with our 300 x 20 cm grass mat roll.


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