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    Cozy cloud dog bed.

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    Cozy cloud dog bed.

    Cozy cloud dog bed 

    Healthy sleep makes pets happy and healthy. A comfortable place to sleep will help them feel safe and at home while you are away. 

    The round shape of the dog bed ensures comfort and security

    Dogs love round beds that adapt to their posture and give them a feeling of security. Our round dog beds offer exactly that, with a cozy and washable cover.

    Dog cushion with washable cover

    Our dog pillow adapts perfectly to your dog's body for a calming sleep. The washable cover can be easily removed and washed at 30°C. The cushion also has a non-slip base for added stability.

    Relieves the nervous system

    Our anti-anxiety dog ​​beds are filled with fluffy and highly breathable material that provides maximum relaxation and relieves the dog's nervous system to give them a relaxed feeling.

    Raised edges for a feeling of security


    The raised edges of our pet beds are not just for visual appeal, but also provide a feeling of safety and security for your furry friends. This reduces their stress levels and contributes to their overall health and fitness.


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