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    Smart handheld vacuum cleaner

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    Smart handheld vacuum cleaner

    No more crumbs on the floor 

    This handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for everyday cleaning of crumbs, dust and pet hair on the floor. With its wide suction nozzle, it can be easily moved around the home and removes dirt in a single pass.

    Reach every corner - the flexible handheld vacuum cleaner for hard-to-reach places!

    With its flat suction nozzle, this handheld vacuum is perfect for cleaning corners, seats, windows and other hard-to-reach places. This means you can remove even the most stubborn dirt particles.

    Deep pore cleansing

    You can also use the brush suction nozzle of this handheld vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean upholstered furniture, carpets and other fabrics. The soft bristles gently remove dirt particles and leave a clean surface deep down to the pores.

    Completely wireless - the portable handheld vacuum cleaner for on the go!

    Thanks to its wireless function, you can take this handheld vacuum cleaner anywhere. Whether in the car, in the office or when traveling - it is the ideal companion for quick cleaning tasks.

    Save money and protect the environment - the reusable handheld vacuum cleaner filter!

    This handheld vacuum's reusable filter is not only a convenient feature but also an eco-friendly option. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that require filters to be replaced regularly, you can easily remove, wash and reinsert this handheld vacuum cleaner filter. This not only saves money, but also valuable resources and protects the environment. In addition, the reusable filter is particularly durable and effective at removing dirt particles from the air. With this handheld vacuum cleaner you can not only clean, but also make a contribution to sustainability.



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