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    Smart skipping rope with counter

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    Smart skipping rope with counter

    Jump fit: The versatile jump rope option 

    This skipping rope supports both rope and wireless modes. You can train both indoors and outdoors, and our wireless ball has a longer length compared to other products. With 13+ inches, you can enjoy an excellent jumping experience.

    The intelligent skipping rope with a counter

    This skipping rope can record your weight, number of jumps, time and calories burned. You can also set the number of training rounds or the time as a goal. The skipping rope reminds you when you have reached the goal. At the same time, the counter has a reminder light so that you can record your exercise normally even in dark surroundings.

    Comfortable and efficient

    The high quality handles increase the load, and the two handles weigh up to 0.4 pounds, allowing you to burn more while you exercise. The metal bearing of the handles makes the rope smoother and you can jump faster, making training more efficient. The handle is also provided with anti-slip treatment to make you hold it more comfortably.

    An all-in-one training tool

    This skipping rope is the perfect training tool for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and endurance athletes. Burn calories effectively and improve your endurance with this all-in-one cardio training tool. It is suitable for home and outdoor training.

    Burn calories and achieve your goals

    The skipping rope supports both rope and wireless modes, so you can train both indoors and outdoors. The wireless rope has a longer length than other products and provides a great jumping experience. It also tracks your weight, number of reps, time and calories burned and reminds you when you've reached your goal. The high quality handles increase the load and weigh up to 0.4 pounds. The metal bearing ensures that the rope runs smoothly and you can jump faster and train more efficiently. The handle is non-slip and comfortable to hold. The skipping rope is adjustable and can be used by adults and children alike, whether for fitness training, losing weight or boxing training.

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